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  • What is a Virtual Assistant
    A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a person who provides remote support services to businesses or individuals.
  • What is Lifestyle Management?
    Lifestyle Management is the service offered to help you live your best life! Helping you to achieve the perfect work-life balance by seeing to all of your personal and business needs, ensuring you have more free time to do the things you love.
  • What are the advantages of hiring you instead of a full-time employee?
    The advantages are endless but here are a few! You only pay for the time which you need me No PAYE, holiday or pension responsibilities No office space or equipment needed I am skilled across several areas I have a flexible schedule I want you to succeed, think of me as an extra business partner I have no training needs I will always stick to schedule Only pay me for time spent on task
  • What kind of tasks can I delegate to you?
    Take a look at my services page for an idea of the type of tasks which I can do for you and your business. The lists are not exhaustive so please do contact me if you have something for me to do which is not shown, the chances are I can do that too!
  • Can you help me to be more productive?
    Yes! Not only will I assist in making your business and home life more productive & proactive, but I will be your very own accountability partner, ensuring that you stay on track in all aspects.
  • How will we share data?
    We can share data in many ways from email to google drive, drop box and through other project management systems such as Trello. Between us we will select the method that best suits your needs.
  • How will I communicate with you?
    In whatever way works best for you! I am fully flexible so I can work with the method that you prefer. Whether that be by phone, email, Zoom, Voxer or even WhatsApp/Text.
  • How do you protect my data and Privacy?
    In several ways: I will always sign a Confidentiality Agreement with you so that you are confident that I will not disclose any of your data. I am also registered with the ICO which means I am GDPR Compliant. I will put risk assessment procedures in place to protect your business and also myself I will use a protected password system such as LastPass to ensure all of your passwords remain confidential.
  • Do my hours roll-over?
    Your hours do not roll-over so always ensure you utilise them fully. We can review your packages if you find that you are frequently not using your full monthly allowance.

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